Emile Pandolfi


Emile Pandolfi is an American pianist. He is noted for his renditions of show tunes. Biography and career, He was born in New York and grew up in Greenville, South Carolina, where he still resides. He attended Greenville High School, then Furman University, where he did his preparatory studies in music, and then Baylor University where he studied for two years; then following his piano teacher, Thomas Redcay, he earned his Bachelor of Music Degree from Texas Tech. After college, Pandolfi moved to St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands for two years as a chorus teacher in a public school. In the evenings, he played at the Caribbean Beach Hotel, as part of a Calypso band called "The Castaways". From there he moved to Sussex, England for another two years, playing pubs and restaurants. After that, he resided in Denver for two more years as part of a house ...

Emile Pandolfi



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